Our Fleet of Vehicles

At Toronto Airport Limo we have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Depending on your needs and the size of your group, we can accommodate.

Our Vehicles

We have a lot of vehicles to choose from. Today we thought it would be nice to showcase 3 of our vehicles for you. The Tesla S85D, Mercedes Sprinter Van and the Lincoln Town Car.

Tesla S85D

The Tesla S58D is a vehicle that has been the talk of the town for a while now and what a fun opportunity to ride in one. This vehicle is environmentally friendly and can carry up to 5 pieces of luggage. It’s equipped with an AM/FM/HD radio, reading lights and has mobile connectivity. As with all of our cars, the Tesla has air-conditioning, to ensure comfort during warmer months. All of our Teslas are well maintained, clean and are brand new.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

If you’re travelling with a large group or have a special occasion, the Mercedes Sprinter Van might be the right choice. It can hold up to 11 pieces of luggage, has a huge interior and huge cargo space. Of course we make sure our vehicles have air-conditioning for when the weather is warmer out. And similar to the Tesla, our Mercedes Sprinter Van has reading lights provided for you. The van also includes TV/DVD and USB ports, plus CD/FM stereo surround sound. Ensuring that you and your group have entertainment for those longer trips. Make sure you bring some movies!

Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car offers a smooth and comfortable ride with plenty of leg room. It can hold 2 large pieces of luggage, 2 medium pieces of luggage and 2 carry-ons. There’s CD/FM stereo surround sound with passenger controls. Passengers are also able to control the temperature and sound. The windows are tinted for extra privacy, air-conditioning and reading lights add to the comfort of this car and your experience.

Book You Reservation

You can book your reservation easily online and also check out the complete list of vehicles. Find the right one that will suite your needs and get ready for an enjoyable ride to your destination!

Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF

This year marks the 42nd annual Toronto International Film Festival also known as TIFF. Every fall Toronto is buzzing with celebrities, movie producers, writers and directors. It’s a great opportunity to view some wonderful films from around the world.

There are 46 breakout films and 50 international story tellers from 37 different countries. Since there are so many we can’t go into great detail about each one in this blog. But you can for sure find more than one film to spark your interest.

This Year at TIFF

Some notable films include First Man, staring Ryan Gosling and Private War, staring Rosamund Pike. First Man tells the story of the first man on the moon. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, this film throws us right into the cockpit with Armstrong and his crew on their mission to the moon. While Private War tells us a much different story about the bravery of the journalist Marie Colvin. At the turn of the 21st century Marie is one of the most celebrated war corespondents, risking her life trying to capture the horrors of war.

TIFF Awards

There are awards that are given out each year at TIFF. One award is the People’s Choice Award, given to a feature full length film. The winner is determined by the film that receives the highest ratings by TIFF attendees.

TIFF is known as the most influential fall film festival. The festival runs from September 6th to the 16th. You still have lot of time to plan a night out at the festival and catch some incredible films.

Make your Reservation

Of course, if you need transportation we are always available to get you there. You can view all of our vehicles and choose the one that will suite your needs and the size of your group.

What films will you see this year?

Fall Festivals in Ontario

Fall is such a special time of year. The season is changing, trees are changing colours, the air has that crisp smell to it and we get to experience fall festivals. They bring communities together and have a history of doing just that.

The fall fair was a way to bring all the farmers together to talk about agriculture and share techniques. Eventually it lead to what we now know as the fall fair or festivals. They would have competitions and most still do. For things such as best pie, best bull and best yields. The agriculture societies were born and we still benefit from them today.

There are an endless amount of festivals that are happening from the start of September to almost the end of November. Here are a few we thought sounded fun.

The Bobcaygeon Fall Fair

Ontario is home to one of the oldest fall festivals, The Bobcaygeon Fall Fair in Kawartha Lakes. This festivals runs from September 27th to the 29th. This year is particularly special as they are celebrating their 160th anniversary. The theme will be about taking us back to 1898. This is for sure something you should go and experience.

The Apple Harvest Festival

The Apple Harvest Festival takes place at Blue Mountain from October 6th to the 8th. It’s a lovely way to spend your Thanksgiving weekend. The falls colours in this area are breath taking and you can enjoy some great family activities such as, the Apple Pie Trail, hiking, biking and fall driving tours.

Pumpkin Mania

Pumpkin Mania starts September 22nd, ending on October 28th. This festival takes place in Elmvale, Ontario on Rounds Ranch. You can enjoy some wagon rides, goofy pumpkin-themed games, corn mazes,  farm animals and play in the Western Playground.


Oktoberfest is the second largest Oktoberfest in the world and is held is Kitchener-Waterloo. The festivals starts October 5th and ends on the 13th. This festival has dancing, drinking, and cultural activities. There are over 40 events to experience. If you live in the area we recommend responsible transportation.

Make your reservation

Book your ride with us so that you can enjoy the fair and not have to worry about traffic. Plus we can can accommodate large groups. View our selection of vehicles and then lets get planning your fall fair adventure.

Canada’s Wonderland: Halloween Haunt

Do you believe in the unbelievable? Halloween is the time of year when we can enjoy getting a scare. And what a better way to do that then attending Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt.

When does the event start?

Halloween Haunt runs from September 29th to October 31st and has been an annual event since 2007. In the past, the event was known as Fear Fest and then as Spooktacular. The park was purchased by the Ceder Fair Entertainment Company and the name changed to Halloween Haunt.

Halloween Haunt 2018

This year you can expect to enjoy 14 nights of terror and brave through mazes, scare zones and try to escape from 700 monsters roaming the park. Of course rides will be open as well. You can still get the thrills the park offers plus run away from monsters. This event has become a tradition for many Canadians living in the area. Making the trip out to Vaughan each year to be terrified. However, because of the nature of this event, it’s not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Ticket Priceses

There are a lot of ticket options to choose, Regular Admission is $32.99, but as soon as you leave the park you’re not permitted to reenter. Canada’s Wonderland offers a lot of great deals if you purchase your ticket online.

The Haunt Pass goes for $51.99 and offers you unlimited access to all the scares, chills and thrills, as many times as you can handle. The Admission and Fright Line pass costs $74.99. And will get you past the regular lines to all the haunt mazes. The Haunt All Inclusive Ticket costs $99.99 and is the ultimate pass including parking, fast lane and a meal deal.

We can get you there!

As you can see this event is packed full of deals and scares. What better way to celebrate the scariest time of year? And you can count on us to also offer you some of the best deals to get you to the park. So make sure you make your reservation.  There are deals for larger groups offered at Halloween Haunt. And we can also accommodate large groups, you can let us know and then check out our great selections of luxury stretch limos.

What are your plans for Halloween 2018?

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