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Toronto Airport Limo’s Favourite Tobogganing Hills

Toronto Airport Limo’s Favourite Places to Tobogganing 

It’s almost February and that means there’s still a lot of winter left and at Toronto Airport Limo we love to make the best of winter. And what’s more Canadian than tobogganing? And there are a lot of fantastic hills all around the city that are waiting for you to try. Many of them are safe for the whole family but some might be too extreme for the kids. See our list below of all the places we think you should check out. 

Riverdale Park 

The park is divided by the DVP with the smaller hill on the west side. There’s also a staircase at this location to make it easier to climb the hill for another run. This is a location worth checking out and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. At Toronto Airport Limo we love to be able to get out and have fun and what better way to enjoy the weather than getting out on the slopes with friends. You might also want to check out High Park for more thrills. 

High Park 

The majority of the hills at High Park have banned tobogganing but don’t let that discourage you about checking out this location. Because it’s still allowed at Howard Park and Parkside Drive. Both spots are very thrilling and there are also a few smaller hills for the less brave. Next you might want to give Trinity Bellwoods a try. 

Trinity Bellwoods

Considered more of a beginner hill when you compare it to the other ones listed. But it’s a great spot for the whole family. And sometimes less scary hills are more fun and you don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy the ride. Now it’s time to get out to Richmond Hill and check out the tobogganing at Champman Park. 

Champman Park

A very popular location for tobogganing, the fun starts at Hunter’s Point Park and leads to the area with the hill. It might not be the widest hill but its nice and long. Plus it has a nice long run-out so you don’t have to worry about hitting a fence at the end. The las hill on our list today is at Rennie Park. 

Rennie Park

Located at Ellis and the Queensway and near the hockey pad. The hill is located at the Southeast side of the park. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a steep hill but has a nice wide open terrain. Of course if you’re here visiting the city and aren’t sure where these locations are and need a ride Toronto Airport Limo has you covered. 

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