9 Tips for Travelling With Children

Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun, but it is challenging! Here are some tips on how to make travel with children as easy as possible.

Travel with kids

  • Make sure that you consult with you health care provider to determine if a child should receive any additional vaccines, if travelling abroad
  • If a child develops motion sickness, make sure they take their eyes off whatever they’re doing and shut them or look at the horizon to lessen the feeling
  • To ease the jet lag, encourase short daytime naps
  • Invest in a child locator, that way you will never loose your child
  • Make sure you pack and bring any essential medicine they need
  • Create a list of fun activities or family games that you can play in case of a delay or long journey
  • Avoid sweets, and instead pack healthy snacks: cheese sticks, breadsticks, fruit and bagles, etc.
  • Bring baby wipes, bugs spray and any other hygiene products the kids might need
  • Take time and be patient!

Bon Voyage!

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