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Toronto Airport Limo Services

Our Services and Rates

Here at Toronto Airport Limo we specialize in providing local, national and international transportation service. And with a selection of high quality vehicles it’s no wonder that we have some of the best competitive rates in the area.

Who Are We?

Toronto Airport Limo is one of the preferred limousine and transportations companies that services major corporations, individuals and travel agencies. And we make sure to offer 24/7 services to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Our Fleet of Vehicles

You will find that there are many options to choose from depending on what the needs are of your group. There’s a great selection of new model luxury vehicles including

  1. Lincoln Town Car 
  2. Mercedes C300
  3. Tesla S85D Sedan
  4. Mini Van
  5. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van
  6. Chevy Suburban
  7. GMC Yukon XL
  8. Ford Expedition XL SUV
  9. Cadillac Escalade
  10. Top of the line stretch limousines

Where Can We Take You?

Providing transportation to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport and surrounding airports is our primary service but we aren’t limited to just that. We are thrilled to get you where you need to go, whether thats for a birthday celebration, weddings, graduations, wine tours, casino trips, corporate functions or just a fun night out on the town. You can find our entire list of possibilities on our website and then easily book your trip with us.

Rate Calculator

If you’re not sure how much your trip will cost you, we have put together a simple rate calculator.  Once you do that you can make your reservation.

Make Your Reservation

Making you reservation is easy and it can be made at any time by using the reservation form online. If you would rather call us, you can at 1-888-905-4667 or if you would rather email you can at reservations@torontoairportlimo.com.

All of us at Toronto Airport Limo look forward to hearing from you soon!

Fall Colours in Toronto

Toronto This Fall

Toronto in the fall is a very special time of year. The colours are spectacular, full of rich reds, deep oranges and yellows. Southern Ontario has some of the most beautiful fall foliage in the world. Naturally there are some places in the city that you need to see, some of them can make you feel like you’re a million miles away. From the beauty of the Scarborough Bluff, the Humber Valley, High Park, Rouge Park and to the always gorgeous and peaceful Toronto Islands. Here are some places you should see this fall. 

Scarborough Bluffs

Hike through some amazing trails and see the fall colours come to life and then head to the beach for some spectacular views. It doesn’t even look real, you will not be disappointed. The bluffs are a very popular place and there’s never a dull moment.

Humber Valley

The Humber Valley has a lot to offer, there are quite a few parks to choose from, from the banks of Lake Ontario all the way to Steeles Avenue. Places you should make sure you see are Lambton Park, Humber Marshes Park, Raymore and Summerlea. 

Rouge Park

There are many trials here that need to be hiked. They wind around the ravine walls and this is a place that you can also drive to. You can simply get out of your car and take a look at the colours around you. If you head over to Old Finch Avenue you’ll be at the zoo, why not have a drive and take in the scenery.

Toronto Island

In the summer the islands are bustling with tourist and locals. It can be a busy place but that’s not the case in the fall. The island is peaceful and the colours are wonderful. You’re able to explore the island in ways you might not be able to in the summer months. The air is crisp and the view of the city skyline is stunning.

Where will you go this fall?

Once you decide on what location you want to visit you can let us know and we will be happy to get you there. We can take large groups or small ones, check out our fleet of vehicles and then make your reservation. See you soon!

Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF

This year marks the 42nd annual Toronto International Film Festival also known as TIFF. Every fall Toronto is buzzing with celebrities, movie producers, writers and directors. It’s a great opportunity to view some wonderful films from around the world.

There are 46 breakout films and 50 international story tellers from 37 different countries. Since there are so many we can’t go into great detail about each one in this blog. But you can for sure find more than one film to spark your interest.

This Year at TIFF

Some notable films include First Man, staring Ryan Gosling and Private War, staring Rosamund Pike. First Man tells the story of the first man on the moon. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, this film throws us right into the cockpit with Armstrong and his crew on their mission to the moon. While Private War tells us a much different story about the bravery of the journalist Marie Colvin. At the turn of the 21st century Marie is one of the most celebrated war corespondents, risking her life trying to capture the horrors of war.

TIFF Awards

There are awards that are given out each year at TIFF. One award is the People’s Choice Award, given to a feature full length film. The winner is determined by the film that receives the highest ratings by TIFF attendees.

TIFF is known as the most influential fall film festival. The festival runs from September 6th to the 16th. You still have lot of time to plan a night out at the festival and catch some incredible films.

Make your Reservation

Of course, if you need transportation we are always available to get you there. You can view all of our vehicles and choose the one that will suite your needs and the size of your group.

What films will you see this year?

International Travel

When you are about to travel internationally, not having enough time can be stressful. Making sure you enough time to make it through airport security and checking-in is especially important.

Why is it important to be to the airport 3 hours before an international flight?

This is a question a lot of people ask, even if they’ve travelled internationally before. The time can vary depending on the airline you’re travelling with. Some airlines will say you only need 2 hours, while others go with the more common 3 hours. And most airlines will want you to be at the departure gate a minimum of 30 minutes before boarding the plane.

Then you have to factor in the amount of time it might take you and your group to get through security, or check your bags. Did you check-in online or will you need to at the airport? Checking-in at home will eliminate waiting in long lines at the airport. In many cases  you can get your boarding pass electronically on your phone. 

Each airline will have it’s own recommendations as to how much time they think you’ll need. It can also depend on the time of day, peak travel hours make this process a lot longer and time consuming. With all of that in mind, you can make sure you’re at the airport on time and you won’t be in a stressful rush to make it to your plane.

How will you get to the airport?

We can help with that, we offer some of the lowest rates. And we can take you to a number of airports that are located in the area, Pearson International, Billy Bishop Toronto Airport, and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, to name a few.

You can explore our fleet of vehicles and get an estimate on the cost from your home to the airport. Then make sure you book with us so you can cross that off your list of things to do. Where will you be travelling?