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Affordable Prom Limo Service in GTA

Hey high school students, it’s getting close to prom! It’s a very exciting time in your life. You’re getting older and graduating.. venturing into the brave new world.
When it comes to your grad, there is a lot to plan and think about.. you gotta pick out what you are gonna wear, find a date, get your hairdo, makeup and corsage for gals, fellas gotta get flowers and figure out your dance moves.

So now you’re all spiffy and ready to go but you forgot one thing! Your ride. How you gonna get there? In your granddad’s car? Nahh, you wanna be traveling in luxury and style in a chauffeur driven limo with loud music pumping beats.

Prom limo just ties everything together so you and your friends can have a magical, wonderful, stress-free evening.

Prom Limo

Grad is only once in life, and choosing the right ride is important. The idea is to make that grand entrance – and prom limo service is just for that.

Become the envy of the class, make everyone notice you.. as you step out of a elegant limousine right in front of the venue, you will feel like a VIP. Score!

Booking a limo for prom in Toronto and the GTA is very easy and not expensive at all, especially if a bunch of your will share it.

Here are three important things to consider when renting a limousine for prom:

  1. Duration – do you only need a limo to take you to and from prom? or do you want to also cruise around, make multiple stops and gather up all your friends?
  2. People – how many of your will be in a limo? 4? 6? 10? 14?
  3. Car – are you looking for a regular limo? or a giant SUV limo?

Close-up of stretch Limousine

What are you waiting for? Call 1-888-905-4667 now and make your limo reservation! Or do it online.

4 Facts about Hiring a Toronto Limo for Prom

torontolimoHiring a limo for prom is something that many teenagers dream of. In fact, this is the first time many of them will have ever been in a limousine! If you are a parent of a teenager going to prom, this is definitely something you should consider. Follow these four facts to help you make your decision — and to make up your mind about spending the money.

Fact number one: hiring a limo will help to keep your teenagers safe and secure. Many parents worry about their teenager drinking at prom and getting into an accident. If you hire a limo driver for them, you’ll eliminate this problem as they will have a safe driver.

Fact number two: since limousines can accommodate so many people, hiring a limo is probably less as an expense than you think. Teenagers can share the cost with their friends or their friends parents. They can have a fun time at a very low cost — so everyone wins!

Fact number three: this will add to their special night. Male and female teenagers alike enjoy dressing up for prom. Having a limousine will add to their excitement as it is likely an experience they will remember forever. If you want to help create special memories for your teenager, this is one great way to do it.

Fact number four: you can easily choose a limo company that will meet your needs. Be sure to give your preferred company a call to ask about their prom packages. This is a great way to save money and ensure you choose a company that will take the best possible care of your teenager.

Hiring a limo for prom is definitely a rite of passage. Keep these facts in mind as you make your decisions in your teenagers will be overjoyed with your choice. Toronto Limo definitely has you covered when it comes to prom! Contact us about our rates today.